Appointments & Promotions 2022-2023

 From 12 May 2022  

 Most Excellent Grand Superintendent Ian J Yeldham C4618 

Deputy Grand Superintendent Raymond K Pascoe C936 

Second Grand Principal* Roger E Nash C959 

Third Grand Principal* Roger M Young C1663 


Appointments to Active Rank

Scribe Ezra* Kelvin J Larcombe C376

Scribe Nehemiah Clifford Arndt-Snelling C555

Treasurer* Keith G Cook C1224

Registrar Peter Gosling C1008

Director of Ceremonies* Nigel WG Gregory C8656

Sword Bearer Marc Catton C305

Deputy DC Charles Neal C305

Deputy DC* Stephen P Faulkner C305

Almoner* Paul Wreathall C1008

Charity Steward* David J Wilson C3833

Principal Sojourner Paul Smith C114

1st Assistant Sojourner Colin Nash C555

2nd Assistant Sojourner Alan Mayle C1823

Assistant Scribe Ezra* Robert Heavisides C8656 

Standard Bearer Deepak Suchak C1224 

Standard Bearer Jason Mayhew C1983

Standard Bearer Steven McDade C2371

Organist* Graham J Colthorpe C3833

Assistant DC* James F Orlopp C8656

Assistant DC* Ian S Gray C6292

Steward Kelvin Avis C114

Steward Reg Sampson C305

Steward Mark Thompson C1631

Steward Jason Flower C2371

Steward Graham Spencer C2438

Janitor Timothy Jacobs C81

*denotes Re-Appointment


Promotions to Past Rank

Scribe Nehemiah James Miles C305

Scribe Nehemiah John Frew C959

Scribe Nehemiah Michael Church C1224

Scribe Nehemiah David Hicks C4618

Scribe Nehemiah James Took C305

Scribe Nehemiah Barry Williams C1823

Grand Registrar David Long C1631

Grand Registrar Allen Snow C2371

Grand Registrar Martin Bates C9333

Sword Bearer Robert Shilson C959

Sword Bearer Ian Mason C1224

Sword Bearer Richard Styles C1663

Sword Bearer Nigel Gibson C2371

Sword Bearer David Dumbrell C4618

Sword Bearer Roger Edwards C4618

Sword Bearer Steven Pell C6637

Sojourner Maurice Collinson C225

Sojourner James Wood C1631

Standard Bearer Ron Walters C1663

Standard Bearer Robert Spring C1823

Standard Bearer Stephen Newman C6637 

Standard Bearer Chris Catton C8656


1st Appointments to Past Rank

Standard Bearer Paul Mason C1631

Standard Bearer Neil Williams C1823

Standard Bearer Robert Chapman C4618

Standard Bearer Eric Treadaway C6637

Assistant DC Richard Pettit C376

Assistant DC Anthony Neale C1452

Assistant DC John Lee C1663

Assistant DC Sidney Turner C9333


Provincial Commendation

Barry Spall C936




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