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To the Members of the Royal Arch Province of Suffolk 


Dear Companions 

I do not wish to inundate you with information that can change daily, but in this letter my wife and I with my executive wish to pass on our best wishes to you all to stay healthy and safe. 

We spend so much of our busy adult lives looking for a moment to try new things. Whether it’s painting, learning a new language, or getting out into the garden, now is the time to give it a go! Sales for puzzles have rocketed these past couple of weeks and it’s no wonder. If you’re in need of some low-tech mental stimulation, dust off the old boxes of Jigsaws, Scrabble, etc, and enjoy some peace and quiet. Keeping fit? Get creative with a workout routine at home instead, I know many of you take the dog for a walk and inform me the dog knows more ritual than you do! There are live exercise classes online and you can always find something new on YouTube or Google! —- be careful most of us have not seen much exercise for years. Get lost in a great story with You’ll find selection of audiobooks in six different languages completely free, or even listen to the radio. Social distancing is key right now but so is keeping in touch with loved ones and fellow Freemasons. Stay at home and play games over Skype or download the Zoom app and get chatting, even a phone call can be an encouragement. 

Our household meet on designated nights on Zoom as a family, this can happen not only with family but with fellow companions, our treadmill has never seen so much action, the garden is beginning to look good, car is washed and hoovered, ready for the grandchildren to decimate, my ritual should be up to scratch by September, (what year you ask?). 

Companions, together we will get through this and with common sense perhaps emerge in the Autumn back to meetings and swopping stories of our self-isolation, taking pride in how we as Freemasons have responded to this situation. 

Please take note of the letter from our Provincial Grand Master for this applies to us all as Freemasons of this wonderful Province of Suffolk. 

Do follow the guidelines of the Government to stay at home and safe, but for now, I, my wife, my executive and their partners send our thanks and warmest good wishes to you all, we hope to see you all in the not too distant future back enjoying our Freemasonry. 

With kindest regards 

Yours sincerely and fraternally 

My kindest and fraternal greeting to you all – DAVID

Suffolk Freemasons are a friendly and welcoming group and this is particularly so of the Royal Arch. We are pleased to have as our Grand Superintendent, E Comp David Boswell who puts enjoyment and enthusiasm at the heart his Masonry and Chapter in particular. We are a small Province of 32 Chapters (every one with a different ritual) and incredible enthusiasm for our work.

This site is intended to be something for everyone whether interested in Royal Arch in general, whether thinking of joining, want to research further, find other Chapters to visit or just want to browse.

If you have any comments or contributions  to make to the site we shall be pleased to receive them.

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