Priory Chapter






Chapter Number 4618

Date of Warrant, 10th February, 1988.
Consecrated 26th October, 1988
Date of Meeting, second Tuesday, January and June.
and second Wednesday, May
Installation, January 11th, 2012.


Meeting in the Sudbury Masonic Hall, which looks superb when set up for a Chapter, we have three meetings a year; Installation in January and Exaltations in May and June. We are a busy, active and happy Chapter and place a high premium on excellent ceremonies and a lot of visiting. Our Ritual is Aldersgate but we always do the Exordium or Long Closing which, as a statement of how we should behave as Freemasons, is unbeatable. The 2012 year was very busy as we were honoured by a visit from the Second Grand Principal in January and, by dispensation, performed triple Exaltations in May and June.


  • Street:The Masonic Hall, North Street
  • Postcode:CO10 1NA
  • City:Sudbury
  • State:Suffolk
  • Country:United Kingdom