Provincial Scribe E

23 May 2021

Dear Companion Scribe E’s,

I thought it time I made contact following my appointment earlier this month.At a time when things have been very uncertain for more than a year, let’s hope our masonic activities will take a more positive step to returning to normal over the coming months.In order that we ensure we keep things up to date, I have attached a Change of Status form that I would ask you complete and send to me whenever a companion’s status changes.I have also attached a copy of the 2021 Resumption of Meetings – Royal Arch, issued by Supreme Grand Chapter earlier this month. I know you will all have seen it, but I want to remind you that from the 17th May,  a Summons must be issued in accordance with your Chapters By Laws (See item 2) but if it is not possible to form a quorum for that meeting, you will need to abandon the meeting. Similarly, when you do manage to hold your next regular convocation,  it has to be an Installation convocation, and will require that the Principals are elected and Installed, Officers invested, and an Installation Return submitted to me. If it is your Chapters intention that the current Principals and Officers are to remain in post, the above still applies but the Director of Ceremonies can proclaim that the Principals and Officers will remain in post until the next regular Installation Convocation.I trust the above all makes sense, but if you need further clarification just give me a ring.Given we all have new emails, can I ask that you all confirm receipt of this emailLook forward to seeing you all soon.

Kindest regards Kelvin



6th July 2020

Dear Companion Scribe E. & Companions all,

Firstly I trust you & yours are well, & enjoying the Summer Break?!

As you are now aware UGLE/SGC/MMH have today circulated paperwork jointly concerning the lifting of the General Masonic Suspension from 17th July 2020.

I now attach the changes to Ritual for Chapter, (Please note, no Exaltations) for your perusal & action.

I also attach the same for Craft, just in case you have not seen it? (Please note, no 3rd Degree ceremonies)

 Please note for both Craft & Chapter lunch/dinner/supper is not permitted.

Stay well, keep safe, & have fun! – As ever, Nick

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