Appointments 2020-2021

Most Excellent Grand Superintendent

E. Comp David J Boswell

Deputy Grand Superintendent*

Raymond K Pascoe C936 

Second Grand Principal*

Roger E Nash C959 

Third Grand Principal*

Paul A Norman C936 

Appointments to Active Rank: 

Scribe Ezra* Nick B Le-Grys C9215 

Scribe Nehemiah Roger ES Cawston C225 

Treasurer* Roger M Young C1663 

Registrar Ron H McLean C225 

Director of Ceremonies* Nigel WG Gregory C8656 

Sword Bearer Michael C Beckett C376 

Deputy Director of Ceremonies* Jamie BS Gwatkin C4618 

Deputy Director of Ceremonies Stephen P Faulkner C305 

Almoner* Paul Wreathall C1008 

Charity Steward* Brian G Simpson C959 

Principal Sojourner John E Shaw C516 

1st Assistant Sojourner Mervyn R Wake C8656 

2nd Assistant Sojourner Robert J Earey C1663 

Assistant Scribe Ezra* Kelvin J Larcombe C376 

Standard Bearer J David Sharples C376 

Standard Bearer Colin L Kennedy C1008 

Standard Bearer Peter L Taylor C2438 

Organist* Graham J Colthorpe C3833 

Assistant Director of Ceremonies James F Orlopp C8656 

Assistant Director of Ceremonies Ian S Gray C6292 

Steward Paul M Royal C81 

Steward Chris E Wilson C114 

Steward Chris P Grant C376 

Steward Michael Smith C959 

Steward Steve J Horne C4618 

Janitor Peter D Farthing C6637 

*denotes Re-Appointment 

Promotions to Past Rank: 

Scribe Nehemiah Tom W Starling C71 

Scribe Nehemiah David J Hickinbottom C388 

Scribe Nehemiah Richard J Hayes C936 

Scribe Nehemiah David W Durrant C1452 

Grand Registrar Ray P Seale C225 

Grand Registrar Peter E Sutters C376 

Grand Registrar David Hepburn C1452 

Sword Bearer Les J Bailey C51 

Sword Bearer Richard G Roper C1224 

Sword Bearer Adrian Nicholls C1631 

Sword Bearer Brian L Locksmith C3833 

Deputy Director of Ceremonies Keith Webber C555 

Deputy Director of Ceremonies Ron W Cobbold C1224 

Deputy Director of Ceremonies Bob M Lee C1983 

Deputy Director of Ceremonies Bruce E MacPherson C2371 

Principal Sojourner John W Took C305 

Principal Sojourner Matthew J Millson C388 

Principal Sojourner Alex W Workman C1008 

Principal Sojourner Stephen P Ascott C1224 

Principal Sojourner Bill TC Bowman C1631 

Principal Sojourner Simon P Wicks C1631 

Principal Sojourner Ray E Waterman C1663 

Principal Sojourner George L Slaughter C9704 

Principal Assistant Sojourner Stuart C Andrews C1224 

Principal Assistant Sojourner Gerald Dowe C1983 

Standard Bearer Peter RD Wood C555 

Standard Bearer Derrick A Garwood C1983 

1st Appointments to Past Rank: 

Standard Bearer James A King C1663 

Assistant Director of Ceremonies Roger PJ Dor C516 

Assistant Director of Ceremonies Paul A Page C1224 

Assistant Director of Ceremonies Fred A Albrow C1631 

Assistant Director of Ceremonies Barry M Stone C1631 

Assistant Director of Ceremonies Geoff J Wilson C1983 

Assistant Director of Ceremonies Simon D Fitzpatrick C6292 

Assistant Director of Ceremonies Carl J Spriggs C9333 

MEGS Certificate of Commendation: 

Rodney A Chapman C8656