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Dear Sir & Companion,

On behalf of the Grand Superintendent and his Executive Officer’s, may I wish you all a Happy & Healthy New Year.

As the Royal Arch Representative for your Craft Lodge, the Grand Superintendent would like you to use this New Year as an opportunity to promote a “Back to Chapter” initiative. Many Church’s will have a “Back to Church Sunday” at some point in their calendar to encourage those who have got out of the habit of attending, to come back.

The Province would like Chapter’s to adopt a similar practice to “encourage” those Companions who have not attended a Convocation for some time to renew their interest.

By identifying a Convocation as a “Back to Chapter” meeting, it is hoped that it will provide the spark for those lapsed Companions to start attending again. It may be that your Lodge has a Brother who is due for Exaltation or your Chapter is holding a Convocation of interest.

It is all about creating a welcoming environment and to remind the Companion that he is missing out on an important as well as colourful part of his Freemasonry.

It is hoped that this initiative will be adopted by your own Chapter and promoted by you in your Craft Lodge. Advertising this in your Lodge will be an important element of your role as a RA Rep and it is ideal for the 3rd Rising, forming part of your Report.

It will also be worth mentioning Red Table events which are similar to White Table events and allow Non companions and lapsed companions to attend and just see how much the Royal Arch has changed over the years to make it far easier to enjoy and to take part. Dates of these events will be published when they occur.

If your Lodge should have a meeting and you do not have a candidate and looking for an interesting topic then the Talking Heads team will be more than willing to help you out.


My very best wishes to you and your Lodge members